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Cardiac Procedures in the Resuscitated Comatose Patient

With some of the latest literature, the recommendation has been to transfer patients with STEMI post resuscitation if they are responsive. This latest article from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology just published this gem that talks about … Continue reading

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Should we be cooling kids?

Post arrest hypothermia study says no! The debate has been happening for a while now! Do we actively cool or not? Well, many guidelines have us pushing our patients for that deep hypothermia to below 33 degrees. Nielson in 2013, … Continue reading

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Alberta Paramedic Association

I know what you are thinking! This site hasn’t had as many updates as I would like. The reason for this is due to my commitment to completing my EMT-P/ACP certification. Further to this I have been assisting with the … Continue reading

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2014 AHA NSTEMI update

Another round of guidelines are now on the table. For practitioners across Canada this may lead to a possible change in practice. Fortunately it seems, that the changes will not be drastic. Some interesting things to note: In the absence … Continue reading

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Sprinters vs Marathoners – Basics of how muscles work

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