Alberta Paramedic Association

I know what you are thinking! This site hasn’t had as many updates as I would like. The reason for this is due to my commitment to completing my EMT-P/ACP certification. Further to this I have been assisting with the set up of the Alberta Paramedic Association’s new website.

I am proud to say, that after much work, it is now released! With that, the General Membership has opened up to the public.

Check it out! These guys have their heads on straight (all starting with their low membership cost of $69.99!

I just added a new listing in the must have link list. I really need to refresh it, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, one of my good friends Roger the Rogie Tewson has reopened his blog. He shares his experiences with EMS and everything that effects us.

Rogie The Medic: http://rogiethemedic.dinstudio.com/

Meanwhile, take a look at the APA’s new website



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