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Quiz: Ontario ALS 2011 #2

This quiz focuses on the PCP portion of the new ALS. It will help you solidify your knowledge and application skills.

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Dabigatran: New competition for Warfarin

When asked what the main pharmocalogical treatment is for coagulopathies you may think of Coumadin (Warfarin). There is a new drug called Dabigatran (Pradaxa) which is being used to prevent stroke inĀ atrial fibrillation patients.

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Quiz: Ontario ALS 2011 #1

This quiz is based on the introduction section of the ALS, BUT it is still very important so don’t just pass it by! The quiz includes important elements of the ALS and may help to point out some differences between … Continue reading

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May 1 2012: New Study Launches in Toronto

Continuous Chest Compressions is the latest buzz word in the First Aid community. The major players such as St John Ambulance and Heart and Stroke have begun to change their protocols to reflect recentĀ recommendations. Even though the transition stage has … Continue reading

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