CCBs to the rescue?

You get a call to a home for a 25 yr old female, syncopol episode. upon arrival, youre greeted by her boyfriend, he tells you that they had a disagreement, and had one of her so called panic attacks again, because she said she felt her heart jumping around in her chest.. she decided to go on the treadmill, and callapsed shortly after. Pt is on the couch, and says she feels ok now. you decide to do a 12 lead, and this is what you find.. what do ya think it is.. no hx no meds..not dx with anxiety, bf just says she has it

Long QT interval

Sudden syncope or pseudo-seizures while exercising or during periods of stress or a family history of sudden death should raise suspicion for LQTS and prompt ECG evaluation. Unfortunately, a normal resting QTC does not reliably exclude LQTS, although exercise testing may provoke prolongation of the QTC.2 Genetic testing may potentially enhance diagnostic reliability in the future, although at present genotyping uncovers no mutation in approximately 30% of affected individuals.

Source: http://ceaccp.oxfordjournals.org/content/8/2/67.full

Courtesy: Emilija

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