EMS Week Quiz #7: Ontario ALS PCP Protocol Quiz (1/2)

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5 Responses to EMS Week Quiz #7: Ontario ALS PCP Protocol Quiz (1/2)

  1. Nai says:

    THANK YOU for this website — incredibly useful :)

    Have the “pre-Nov-2011″ quizzes been updated to reflect the revised protocols?

  2. Melissa says:

    No, the old quizzes will stay the same, but I will add more to the new ones when time permits.

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m glad you find these useful :)

  4. Brodie says:

    This quiz has errors.

    there is no more age restriction on our als for epi.

    you would give .10 of epi to a 4 moth old.
    Age x 2 + 10 = (0x2+10) =0.10= .1mg

    etc etc

  5. bob says:

    thank you so much!

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