Digest #2 August: Remembering Garrett Styles

How did we get to 30:2?

Over the past 75 years, there have been numerous advances in prehospital emergency care. The paramedic scope of practice has grown from providing simple first aid to performing highly skilled procedures and interventions. Transport medicine is now used as a method of providing care to patients in the most rural of settings. But we have also seen advances in the science…
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Scenario Tips for the Road

Some things that I have found to be good practice in getting more comfortable with all aspects of being a paramedic. Through and through, the bottom of the line is to train in as realistic of circumstances as possible. Below is a small list of things that I tried to do during my practice sessions
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EMS honors Officer Styles

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to be part of the funeral precession for Constable Garrett Styles. When I started writing this article, I struggled with a way to word that first sentence that would adequately capture what the experience meant for me…and “privileged” seemed like the closest description, but even it falls short. For those who don’t know, Constable Styles was a York Region Police officer killed in the line of duty last month.
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