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Quiz: Drug Reactions

This week we will take a break from the heart and look more into the effects of drugs on the body. This is a challenging quiz that will hopefully push your interests into further education.

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Pharm Fridays: Valeant Pharm

This drug was just approved for use in Canada to treat insomnia. It works by inhibiting Omega 1 receptors and is therefore more precise than benzodiazapines which may have more side effects.

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ECG Challenge 30 – Shockable rhythm?

The answer to last week’s 12-lead ECG Challenge was:  Ventricular couplets (PVCs)

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ECG Challenge 29

  The answer to last week’s Lead-II ECG was:

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Quiz: Cardiac 2/2 & Lymph

This is the second installation of the Cardiac quizzes. Don’t worry the first few questions are harder than those that follow.

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